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I am lying when I say that I need to be on Facebook all day in order to do my job. It’s a distraction. There are only a few directed tasks I need it for. Beyond that I can minimize the chatter. This morning had been one of good food, a hot shower, no distractions,Continue Reading


I hope you are following along on my awesome epic creative road trip.  Just over a week ago I took a break from traveling to teach at EncaustiCamp with some of my favorite people! Want to share some of that lovely experience with you!  I recently gushed about how much I love wax over hereContinue Reading

Home From Spain

I know I’ve been home from Spain for 4 months now, but Home From Spain is the title of my show in Northampton right now. I am showing the paintings I produced in Spain and tonight I am giving a talk about my work and my time in the residency. This is a culmination toContinue Reading

Artfest 1

Artfest is over. I finally got here and this was the last one, so it is over in more ways than one. It has been fabulous. A huge celebration of creativity. A giant dive into messy making. A lovely string of moments of laughter and hugs. More soon.Continue Reading

A New Kind of Teaching

first class in my studio I have really been enjoying teaching encaustics over the last couple of months. Which is good because I am scheduled to do quite a bit of it this year. I am teaching in my studio, New Hampshire, Oregon and California (to be announced soon). teaching I started my in-studio classesContinue Reading

Paper Treasure

the whole table…covered Usually everyone agrees that it would be nice to never worry about money. And when I think of treasure I do still tend to think of gold, rubies and pirate ships. But when I traveled around Europe this fall it wasn’t fancy objects and jewelry that I daily sought to collect. ItContinue Reading


last january Last year I wrote a new year’s post about everything I was looking forward to. There was so much hope for a good year and so many plans I couldn’t even share yet. And it was an amazing year.  the contrast of february: lots of snow and a trip to Ecuador But theContinue Reading

NYC Windows and Show

top left: Ben skating at the Chelsea Pier skatepark; right: Anthropologie window in Chelsea; bottom left: street art in Chelsea This week has been extra busy with participating in a group show in NYC thrown into the mix. But the chance to see the city all dressed up for the holidays was a treat. SomeContinue Reading

Waxed Christmas

My work comes to me in visions: flashes of idea that brew below my consciousness and then burst forth when matured. The other day I saw encaustic Christmas trees. So I went in search of a form I could paint on and found paper mâché cones. And today I painted on a cone shape forContinue Reading

La Fragua: I say hello, you say goodbye.

  I am home again but I have one last post about Spain.  First, bar food. Something I absolutely miss. I made a little video over two evenings of bar food in the pueblo. Basic food to them but I thought it was amazing.    On one of my first days in the pueblo IContinue Reading

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Client Testimonials

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Mila Bowman

Mila Bowman

Artist & Blogger at encouragecreative.com

The systems approach helps me feel like I have so much more control over my ever-evolving flow of ideas and projects. I’m feeling vastly more confident in taking on a new project I have in the works, and in growing my creative business. It’s like my left brain and right brain just high-fived each other! This is exactly what I needed. You rock!
Rachél Payne

Rachél Payne

Life Coach at creativitytribe.com

I have the job of a lifetime, using my creativity to help others connect with theirs. But there is one thing I don't love about my business, getting caught up in the technical processes it requires. Jess Greene’s Creative Ease classes have been a lifesaver. They have broadened what I knew was possible and helped me get unstuck in several areas. But what is best, her online class is easy to take, which is perfect for a Creative Spirit like me.
Qaadira Allen

Qaadira Allen

Artist & Educator at centerfortransformativeart.com

Jess Greene is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. She breaks complex techie processes down into simple steps and does her best to tailor her teaching to accommodate the specific needs of participants. Jess made sure we got the basics, but went even further by showing how to get more functionality from the online resources that I’m already using. Definitely good stuff!
Jenny Chatterton

Jenny Chatterton

Creative Explorer at Honor Your Journey

Thank you for the classes I took a couple of weeks ago. My Google calendar has become my friend and...I decided to begin with the Google Tasks. Using that and the calendar have at the very least DOUBLED my productivity. Had to thank you for getting me out of the overwhelm and into my creativity!
Lisa Hofmann

Lisa Hofmann

Dream Catcher at innerglowselfcare.blogspot.com

I have EMBRACED my google calendar and am loving it. Don't know why I resisted so long. And Evernote has been a help to have those "memory nets" in place to hold onto the chaotic content of my mind. Thank you so much for your suggestions and guidance. It helps knowing these structures exist to help me contain everything!
Marilyn LoRusso

Marilyn LoRusso

Creative Visionary at visionart-studio.blogspot.com

Jess Greene is a wonderful instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, organized and patient. I thoroughly enjoyed the class...I would definitely take another class with Jess Greene.